Message from CEO Pasargad Holding

In a world where data and information infrastructures have been a key driver of progress and the creation of new concepts in human life today; Holding Pasargad Iranians is committed to keeping pace with the huge surge that has taken its course and to keep pace with these rapidly growing changes, relying on the human, software, hardware and native solutions needed internally.

Holding Pasargad Iranians, thanks to the experience and capability gained during the last 10 years of continuous and successful presence in the IT market, has succeeded in creating and developing organizational and technical resources, establishing a representative network, developing advanced and standardized technical and security infrastructure. Gain a share of the country’s technology market and take effective steps to implement its strategic plans and vision for the country.

In the end, we are committed to providing information and communication technology-focused services in the areas of network and data center infrastructure, Internet and data transfer, information security, new technologies and virtualization, management and training consulting and hope to Working in each of the areas We perform our individual, social responsibilities well.

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